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Excellent screen, Excellent sound, Hi-res audio support, Great camera, Premium build Battery and memory no longer upgradable Bravo, Samsung! Although the restrictions on memory and battery may drive heavy users straight into the hands of LG, that doesn't stop the Galaxy S6 from being a great achievement. Its sophistication and extraordinary multimedia capabilities make it a seri Like clockwork, Samsung released another phone this week, coinciding with yet another Mobile World Congress and yet another pre-summer smartphone push.

But this year felt different. The covers are off! So what's it like? In a word: surprising. Gizmodo loves technology.

Our product reviews are presented thanks to Dick Smith. Surprising is kin Launched almost one-year ago, Samsung's Galaxy S5 failed to impress consumers, reviewers, and even some Galaxy fans. Lacking in both innovative hardware and design, it failed to differentiate itself from other flagship phones such as HTC's One M8 , LG's Charging the new Galaxy phones is even easier and faster than before. For starters, the wonky USB 3. It's unlikely you'll even need one though with Or launches, rather.

With profits at its mobile division falling off dramatically, the South Korean giant is betting that two phones — a traditionally f The Galaxy S6, is - of course - the sequel to last year's Galaxy S5 , which if reports are to be believed, didn't go down well with smartphone buyers, with sales coming in 40 percent lower than Samsung had hoped While we've only used it briefly, we already think that the Galaxy S6 could be the phone to beat of While HTC's One M9 also proved impressive, it feels like Samsung has innovated more than its main Android competitor, equipping its latest flagshi With the Singapore variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7 arriving at our office, we took it upon ourselves to see the difference in photo quality and camera performance between the new flagship and the Samsung Galaxy S6 , which received outstanding praise for If you've been closely keeping an eye on the smartphone market, you'll notice that in terms of design, there's not one phone that is head and shoulders distinct from the others.

Some may stand out, but as soon as you get a closer look, you'll be hit with Published on June , Gadgets Magazine The LG G4 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 are two of the biggest flagship Android phones for the year, but which one should you get if image quality is the most important thing for you?

We've already reviewed both phones, but here we're going to focus just on t There has been plenty of news around the phone even before the launch and a torrent after, having reviewed the units we discovered nuances that makes the S6 almost perfect except for the inherent issues plaguing most smartphones from Samsung, heat and bat So when the brand announced early this year that the Galaxy The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is probably the most talked about phone in due to its revolutionary design of having dual-edge on the screen.

I wasn't impressed at all with the S6 edge at the time of Mobile World Conference but I grew to love this phone a One of the two devices that Samsung launched recently has landed into the test lab.

You must have seen the visuals that was featured in our last issue. So without preamble — here is the Samsung Galaxy S6. At first glance, you will see design inspirations f Great looks, Blistering performance, Sharp screen, Slim body Price, Glass picks up fingerprints, Camera module juts out If you need to get one flagship device this year — this may be it.

Although the non-removable battery and non-expandable memory may colour your judgement. To sum it all up, all of the phones included on the title are the flagship mobile phones that are claiming the top spot for market share.

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To be fair, the iPhone 6-es, the S6-es, the Zenfone 2 and the LG G4 are all top of mind flagship phones that are curr Pasti ramai yang tertanya-tanya telefon pintar apakah yang paling hebat ada di Malaysia sekarang ini. Kedua-dua telefon pin It's been 6 years since Samsung first introduced the Galaxy S series and in those six years, we've seen how the Korean company turned from being one of the minor players in the smartphone handset market to become the top smartphone vendor in the world in Gorgeous display, Premium build quality, Impressive performance, Great camera quality, Built-in wireless charging, Generous internal storage Average battery life, No storage expansion, Non-removable battery, Erratic signal loss, Fingerprint and smudge magnet, Quite expensive The Galaxy S6 may have lost its expandable memory and removable battery, an advantage it enjoyed over the equivalent generation of Apple's iPhone, but it is a compromise that still had a net positive effect by virtue of a newly minted look and premium bui With all the attention the ZenFone 2 is getting, many have forgotten Samsung's recently launched Galaxy S6.

I'm going to remind you that it's still here and it's the Korean tech giant's most beautiful smartphone to date. Luckily, we were able to grab one These smartphones have an edge or two over their competition. It's no secret that Samsung needed to shake things up with the S6. While the S4 and S5 were both good phones, there was a definite sense that Samsung had become complacent, releasing a fairly similar phone year after year. Neither the S4, nor the S5 reall If you had to name just one phone manufacturer that has contributed towards the incredible success of Android, it would be Samsung.

Through its Galaxy line of phones, Samsung made sure that there was an Android phone for everyone and at its peak in It loses the water-proofing, doesn't have an expandable MicroSD card and has a smaller battery which is not removable.

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But all that becomes irrelevant as soon as you pi But there I was, in my neighbourhood mamak coffee shop with some friends when I took the Galaxy S6 edge out of my pocket when my non-tech savvy friend asked that very questi I made this comparison post between those two models specifically for After months upon months of rumors and leaks - most of which turned out accurate, mind you - Samsung Galaxy S6 , the battleship smartphone of the Korean Giant, has just been formally announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. As its v Like clockwork and as widely expected , at its own pre-MWC event today, Samsung has announced its latest Galaxy S smartphone.

No, scratch that. Like the Samsung has a fire lit under its ass. Under fire in the high end market by Apple and the mid and low end by countless other companies both big and small, the Korean giant needed a new strategy and more importantly, a new device to win back hearts and mind Very, very impressed. This is the handset Samsung fans have been waiting for… an actual contender that surpasses Apple's iPhone in almost every regard. Samsung might have made some erroneous mistakes in the past but all is forgiven now because The camera! God, is that super-fast camera great.

It's maybe the best feature on this whole phone. The fingerprint scanner is damn The glass back is slick but it's also, well, slick. The way it can just sliiiiiiide down your hand is an ultra drag. Except it doesn't drag. Because it's slick.

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I digress. But, unlike my glass-backed Nexus 4 that I swear had an actual death wish, the Ga It's a solid buy for anyone looking for a premium, solid, not-ginormous Android device. Update: The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have launched to the world, with better specs, a superior camera in low light and long-sought-after features like a micro SD card slot and water resistance.

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Here's what we think of its now cheaper predecess When I first saw the Galaxy S6 I was immediately impressed. It was like someone walked into the boardroom of Samsung HQ, picked up the S5 and tore it to pieces, before delivering a more grown up version based on the things consumers actually want, The met OK, not ALL the good bits are gooder. Battery life on the Galaxy S6 isn't good enough for a phone of this caliber or price.

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I don't think anyone should be worrying about whether their new expensive smartphone will still be able to make emergency calls whe When I first walked into the subterranean hotel room and caught sight of the Galaxy S6, I was entranced. This was the phone that I'd wanted Samsung to make for years, and it was finally here: a perfect blend of design and extreme power. The only worries I So here's our short hands on experience. It is time to upgrade! It is time to switch!

Got questions? Tweet and follow filipinotechie on Twitter and immarkmarcelo on Instagram. So wasn't the best year for Samsung, it did ok with the Galaxy Note 4, but that was after the critical and commercial ass-paddling that came from the Galaxy S5, the firm's then flagship. That was pretty much the first time a major Samsung device had While the smartphone won't be coming to the UK, meaning Brits won't face such an ordeal, we've pitted the Galaxy Note 5 against the Galaxy S5 on paper to see which comes out on top Last year was a tough year for Samsung after its sales has fallen dramatically compared to last few year after the release of Samsung Galaxy S5.

However, Samsung has not given up on the Samsung Galaxy flaghsip series and promises to renovate their design Honestly, this is one of the greatest device from the Samsung Galaxy S Series. Samsung has been making effort in making a uniquely design smartphone that attracts hearts of the consumers. The hardware packed within this beast is a high performer which out The iPhone was well known for its good camera that capture beautiful images at right moment.

Although iPhone is just equipped with 8MP camera, the sensor and the camera quality often provides some outstanding photo-shooting experience that only few smartp Samsung has been making efforts to reach similar image quality taken from iPhone 6 but unfortunately both images taken are excellent but not highly distinctive It's August, which means that kids are filling their backpacks with pens, paper, textbooks and — oh, who are we kidding, no one uses those things anymore. Students want tech , and that's why our Back To School Guide features the best smartphones , tablets The Lazada units will carry no warranty, but will be the cheapest of the bunch.

Al vanaf het moment dat de S6 werd aangekondigd vond ik het een heel mooi toestel. Maar mijn S4 deed het nog goed. De maanden daarna begon mijn S Geheugen niet uit te bereiden, Camera steekt uit, Gevoelig voor beschadigingen In deze review heb ik geprobeerd zo kritisch mogelijk te zijn. Ik ben namelijk heel enthousiast over dit toestel. Maar geen een toestel is perfect, en er zitten altijd wel nadelen aan.

Ik heb geprobeerd ze te benoemen en ook hoe ik er mee om ga bijvoorb Korte review en vergelijking van Galaxy S6 en iPhone 6Zoals bekend uit reviews is de S6 een geweldig toestel en men zou naar de consument geluisterd hebben.

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Tối thứ bảy đầy thư giãn sau một tuần làm việc căng thẳng Mình chọn một ly trà Misohe chúng mình luôn có những góc bàn có sẵn ổ cắm và ghế tựa cùng. Dương Cốc Quê Tôi tiene miembros. Mọi người đều cần đọc gấp nếu không muốn nhiễm độc gây ra mầm #Ung_Thư Hai chất kịch độc trong bình giữ nhiệt xuất x ứ từ TQ giết người Amiăng & Kim . Mặt nạ hơi nóng thư giãn mắt Kao✨ Nếu bạn là người hay phải chuyển bằng tàu xe, máy bay hay luôn có hiện.

Ik was enerzijds een beetje sceptisch want heb al een S4 en S5 gehad en hoewel dat zeker hele go Design, Beeldscherm, Camera Geen SD kaart, Niet meer ip67, accu zou iets beter kunnen Beste Galaxy telefoon tot nu toe. Heb de S4 en S5 gehad en alle minpunten hebben ze bij de S6 opgelost Samsung zette onlangs met de Galaxy S6 zijn nieuwe vlaggenschip op de markt.

De Galaxy S-lijn is door de jaren heen misschi Premium design, Prachtig display, Topprestaties, Goede vingerafdrukscanner, Erg goede camera Matige batterij, Geheugen niet uitbreidbaar, Niet helemaal stabiel De Samsung Galaxy S6 is een uitstekende telefoon met een groot aantal positieve punten. De smartphone is mooi, heeft een prachtig display, presteert uitstekend en heeft een verbluffend goede camera. TouchWiz is er ook flink op vooruit gegaan en de sma De Galaxy S6 is het nieuwste topmodel van Samsung, waarmee het bedrijf probeert om de minpunten van de S5 te laten vergeten.

Je krijgt daarom een toestel dat er bijzonder chique uit ziet, maar TouchWiz blijft aanwezig De Galaxy S6 is absoluut één van de beste Android-smartphones van dit moment. Met name door zijn kraakheldere scherm, zijn snelle processor en meer dan goede camera is het een toptoestel dat er bovendien bijzonder chique uitziet.

Je betaalt daar wel de ho Samsung wilt met de Galaxy S6 de smartphone-kroon opeisen. Dat zijn niet alleen marketing slogans, want de Zuid-Koreaanse high-end Android smartphone scoort in onze testen inderdaad ontzettend goed en bereikt ook de eerste plek in onze lijs Geen microSD-slot, Batterij niet verwisselbaar De camera's waarmee hedendaagse smartphones zijn uitgerust, worden kwalitatief steeds beter.

Zowel in het vastleggen van bewegend als stilstaand beeld. Maar v Galaxy S6: Samsung kiest dit jaar niet voor een kunststof behuizing, maar gaat voor een glazen achterkant en metalen rand.

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De afwerking is indrukwekkend en naadloos afgewerkt en het toestel voelt door de luxere materialen erg solide aan. Het toestel is me Met de Galaxy S6 heeft Samsung eindelijk een vlaggenschip in zijn portfolio dat beschikt over een metalen behuizing. Maar biedt het toestel meer dan alleen een mooi uiterlijk?

In deze Samsung Galaxy S6 review staan we daarbij stil. Het heeft even geduurd Onze uiteindelijke indruk van de Galaxy S6 is enorm positief. De hardware is op meerdere fronten sterk verbeterd. Het meest in het oog Samsung heeft twee nieuwe vlaggenschiptoestellen gelanceerd. Niet de Samsung S6 maar zijn knappe zus S6 edge trekt relatief de meeste belangstelling. Uiteindelijk zal de conventioneel vormgegeven S6 wel meer gaan verkopen dan de duurdere Edge, maar de laa Samsung heeft de afgelopen jaren behoorlijk wat kritiek gekregen op het design van haar toestellen.

Dat zou achterblijven bij de topmodellen van de concurrentie. Een deel van die kritiek zal ongetwijfeld gestoeld zijn geweest op het succes van het merk De Galaxy S6 heeft een metalen rand en glazen voor- en achterkant. Dat is een flinke stap van de kunststof behuizing van de Galaxy S5.

Het nieuwe toestel voelt dan ook bijzonder solide aan en de afwerking is uitstekend.